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Innovative Lab Technology

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital (LCRH) has taken steps to help patients get more effective treatment and reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance by implementing a new technology which identifies the cause of bloodstream infections and allows clinicians to pinpoint the exact antibiotic that will best treat the infection in hours rather than days. 

With this new FDA approved technology, the same data can be generated in six hours in most cases. Most often this means that patients can receive narrower, targeted therapy, but may also catch cases of unexpected antibiotic resistance faster. Waiting less time for results means that patients are likely to return home sooner. 

New Outpatient Testing Services

Lake Cumberland has also expanded its laboratory services by offering a convenient new location for patient bloodwork:  The Imaging Center in the MedPark office complex at 45 Tower Circle, Somerset, KY. Both the hospital and Imaging Center outpatient laboratories are staffed with licensed and certified phlebotomists. 



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